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“Where did you grow up?” she asked.
“I have never grown up.” I replied.
“I meant, where did you live as a child?”
“Mostly in my imagination. I live there still.”

This poor duck was so hungry he was to trying to eat the rock.
However, ducks do swallow small rocks to increase their stability in the water during rough weather.

Three words. BBQ.
Goddess Frigg

Good morning on this beautiful Frigg’s Day.

Let the mother of Thor show you the true strength of the goddess, the mother and the female.

BTW, never underestimate her.

Good morning sunshine.
Welcome to a brand new day.
Tiw’s day is always a good day for you.
I trust it will be a wonderful one.
You are loved and there is beauty in the world.

Tiw’s day it is. Best day of the week.
Not blue Monday and before the hump of Wednesday.
Tuesday is the busy day, the day of real traction after a Monday of clearing away.

Enjoy your power Tiw’s day. Tomorrow it is all about Wodin; and you know you how sulky he gets.

A rainy Tiw’s Day. That means dance class tonight! Is there something that you are looking forward to today or this week?I am about to do a happy dance and I will send you my happy dance vibes.

Be kind to someone today!

Tiw’s Day is here. Tiw must work like the rest of us to attain and sustain in life.

We can work hard to attain success but sustaining it is the real trick.

Easy if you have chosen well.

Easy if you are doing something that is authentic.

Easy if you are enjoying yourself.
Easy if you are making a difference.

Happy Tiw’s Day to you.
Tiw sacrificed his hand in order to bind the wolf Fenrir.
Could you make that kind of commitment?
What about being kind and just?
Apply yourself today. Tiw’s Day is about getting it done!

Happy Tiw’s Day to you.
This is the best day of the week; a Monday with traction and promise.