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It is one week until Father’s Day. I am a father and I am a son. I will post once a day on what fatherhood means to me.

Careful what you commit to. I am already late with my daily posting on the meaning of fatherhood and I am now very sure that I will miss the mark with these six posts. I vastly underestimated how difficult it would be. My life as a father is like that too. I have made many promises to my family and myself that I have not kept. I will never be the perfect Dad but the art is in the effort. That is how we remember our fathers.

What fatherhood means to me. This is the part where I am already late (this should be Tuesday’s post) and without enough time to properly consider my words; or how they affect others. Really, this is the part where I say something stupid in an offhand way and it devastates my child. And I only find out about it years and years later. This is where all my practiced words and admonishments fall away. This is a fatherhood fail, and it happens way more often than fathers can admit.

Fatherhood…. My two children were born at home. I came within minutes of delivering my son. He came out sideways, facing me as though to say “hello Father”. And my daughter and I napped together after her birth. The power of a woman to deliver a child is breathtaking to behold. And the presence of a new born is felt immediately. Babies do not warm up into consciousness and slowly become a person. No, not at all. They are born awake, aware and will look you in eyes. I know this as a father.

Fatherhood… A father protects his wife and her children. It is women and children first and a good father understands this. He will be the first one to face danger and adversity. It is expected that the father will give up his seat on the lifeboat. And, strangely, it feels right. They don’t have a Father’s Day card for that.