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“Where did you grow up?” she asked.

“I have never grown up.” I replied.

“I meant, where did you live as a child?”

“Mostly in my imagination. I live there still.”





Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd dance in a Wagnerian-style opera in the cartoon What’s Opera?


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So very proud of Bruno Lucas and his students. I was fortunate to be at RAW for their performance. It was explosive!! Are you still dancing in your bedroom? Go see Bruno and change your life. Seriously.



Dance class is once again real. Our first class of the winter session is tonight!

We do not perform the Can Can nor do we do get to wear sassy boots.




Classes start Tuesday, January 9th. This will be my 4th time enrolled in this 12-week progressive class.

Our teacher is Megan Nadain and she is excellent and amazing. Did you know we also have a percussionist? Usually it is Stitch from the Shuffle Demons

Learning to dance has changed my life.

Fundamentals of Dance (I and II)
Brand new to dance? Do you want to learn something new with others who have never taken a dance class? Our Fundamentals of Contemporary Dance I classes are aimed at newcomers to dance. All you need is enthusiasm! Designed for the beginner dancer with a curiosity for modern/contemporary dance, Fundamentals I builds on basic movement principles and progresses to more challenging exercises. This is a foundation class to better prepare you for more advanced techniques. It allows beginners to experience the sheer joy of dance and introduces integral concepts like body awareness, alignment, strength, flexibility, and endurance. Rooted in Graham technique, the class explores principles like contraction, release, and spiral. Skill and self-confidence are developed in a gracious, fun, and open environment.






My motto and motivator. The main graphics were scanned from a Christmas greeting card.

The subtitled verbiage is mine.

I had this printed as a poster and it now adorns my bedroom wall.

It is NEVER tutu late!









Tuesday you say?

Hmm, I wonder what I will be doing this evening?


 Everyone loves to dance!