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My logo created in 1997. This is a derived image of a Mayan glyph.

At that time I re-worked the image using MS Paint one pixel at a time, ouch.








And the original drawing scanned from an actual paper book.







Enjoy my Left Banksy original sketches. Left Banksy was very big in the Paris summer of ’87.

I was his muse and he was my inspiration.

Click on my head to view a gallery of sketches from a dreamy June afternoon in Paris.

A time of innocence, yes.








Here is Athena, a lino block print we commissioned from our friend Kelly Hartshorne. It is a beautiful work of art.

Athena is the goddess of wisdom and household arts and metal working.

Some of the finer details would not show well when the image was reduced for packaging and branding.






This is the stylized logo that I created. I brought it through a number of transformations.

It worked well for signage, packaging, stationery and advertising.

Kelly’s work is amazing. We have the lino block and maybe we’ll ink it up again.